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As a multidisciplinary creative I’ve always felt the singular focus of most o the creative industry rather stifling. My aim has therefore always been to apply myself to different skills, genres and industries in order to learn more, experience more and simply enjoy the adventure of diversified trade. 

My dayjob at AMCreative is all about content creation – copywriting, blogging, graphic and web design, UX, branding and communication.

When I’m not writing serious stuff for my clients, I focus on my art and writing – with a special interest in contemporary paintings, fiction and poetry.  

☆ das credentials ☆

I hold a BA degree in English and Linguistics with electives in Communication, Geography, Literature and Tourism. I’ve also obtained internationallly accredited diplomas in Foundations of Mobile App Development, Adobe InDesign and Graphic Design as well as certificates in User Experience Design (UX), Online Marketing, Social Media, Digital Photography and Children’s book writing.

I’m currently acquiring my IMEXA accreditation in Microexpressions and Deceptionology as well as courses in WordPress Theme Development, Adobe Illustrator and Punctuation Mastery. 

I’m a member of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA), the English Academy of Southern Africa (EASA), the National Press Club of South Africa (NPC) as well as the Linguistics Society of South Africa (LSSA). 

I’ve had two solo art exhibitions and in a previous life I used to be an art tutor. I’ve also published one novel and one poetry compendium and am working on additional publications in my spare time. 

When I’m not working, I nurture my zoo, pick fights with grammar nazis, salivate over my vinyl collection, get lost in my library and dabble in parenting.