I’ve been on many (too many) forums where people try to draw a correlation between spelling or grammar abilities and intellect. Because, of course, if you cannot spell you are apparently a ‘lesser’, ‘dumber’ and (don’t you know it?) downright uneducated human specimen.

As a writer I have worked with many (too many) people, who assume that I must somehow look down on others who struggle with language and writing. They assume that I, too, worship at the pretentious altar of grammar naziism.

Well I don’t.

A short rant about linguistics and grammar-rule abusers

As someone living with people suffering from psycholinguistic fallouts like dyslexia, and who knows people of varying linguistic abilities, I understand that these people I love and care for have different skills than I do. I realise their intellect is concentrated elsewhere, and that we are simply different (how I love our differences!).

I grasp that my people have something to offer where I have my own shortfalls. I understand that they grasp the concepts, even if their minds won’t let them convey the message in the same pompous way I do.

Enough with the ableism shit!

Yes, I also make the odd language joke and jibe—but not at the expense of others. Not to somehow make myself out to be better. Because I am not.

I love words. I don’t hate people. And it is due to my love of words and people alike that I’d prefer others to enjoy it as well—even if they have a limited capacity for, or understanding of, language.

We need to stop the world’s perception that our different abilities make us somehow lesser or more than others. We need to stop attaching value to human beings based on our lauded similarities and supposed strengths and learn to harness the beauty inside everyone.

If you love words, if you love language, I beg you—get off your damned high horse and try to develop and grow it without humiliating others. Language and communication is for everyone—no matter how they write or use it. Don’t break that down. You, dear language purist, are harming language more than they ever could.